About TIAC

Dear reader, we hope this letter finds you well.

We’d like to invite you to join us for a coffee in Florence to introduce ourselves, but if you prefer having a tea in Shanghai or Hong-Kong, tapas in Spain, a meal in USA or even a beer in Sydney, we can easily fix that. 

We are very much looking forward to meet you, and before we start describing ourselves, we’d love to hear about you; tell us what makes you an artist and why did you choose to follow the path of creativity. May we ask what are your projects, ideas, fears, frustrations and artistic needs? 

On top of everything, we want to hear about your passion.

Do you think the places we proposed for our meeting are unreachable? Think twice. 

Actually, don’t think…imagine.

Imagine a world wide artistic community capable of building bridges to turn any cultural, geographical and social boundary down, allowing encounter, realization and self-fulfillment to every person who decides to become a member. This idea might sound utopian, but with a little of visionary attitude and devotion it actually has become a reality called TIAC. 

The International Arts & Culture Group is an organization that aims to connect and support artists from a variety of mediums, backgrounds and nationalities. Bridging between disciplines, the organization itself is made out of people from different backgrounds such as fine arts, photography, architecture, design and performing arts. The Group is spread across the globe, with key teams in China and Italy, but others who work from Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, and the United States.

TIAC was created by artists for artists. 

The Founders Lynn Guo, Liu Shiyu and Scott Breton, professional fine artists, came across the simple idea that they wanted to create more jobs, options and opportunities for people like themselves. The goal was to benefit people.  

We were not planning to become a company, our idea was to help artists to grow and to create jobs. We started with workshops and we had about 30 artist working for TIAC, and also a variety of models who are actually arts history professional but ended up modelling because of necessity. Later those models became our teachers. We want to give new graduates and students the opportunities to develop their profession, to live their passion also as a job.
— Lynn Guo, Painter and TIAC's Co-Founder

TIAC is an educational organization and it’s range goes across different levels of people involved in arts, from students to developing artists and professionals. TIAC supports them through introducing them into an artistic network and also providing them of workshops to enrich their skills and knowledge. 

The International Arts & Culture Group believes in the encounter between people from different cultures because trough exchange it is possible to discover several ways of seeing the world, face new personal and social challenges and “ you get in contact with new esthetics that might enrich your own work of art” as TIAC co-founder Scott Breton says.

The mission is clear: connection, education, collaboration, exhibition and development.

It is about creating fair opportunities for every artist regardless of their social or cultural state to allow them to study, get into the artistic community, work with other artists, show their creations and develop their talent so as to pass it on to the next generation. 

Dear reader, we hope to have encouraged you to put aside your concerns about not being able "to make it as an artist". Know that there are other artist like yourself willing to make it easier for all of us. It is time now to believe in your passion and decide to develop it. We all have something to say, but if you think you're alone you won't speak out because from your perception  no one will hear.

Remember, in a community, no one is alone.  

Looking forward to meet you, 


Anna Rosa Paladino