Cultural and Artistic Exchange

We are all about events that allow people to experience other cultures, art forms, and insights from others working in the Arts.  So much inspiration is to be gained from speaking to and experience the excellence of those in similar or completely different artistic disciplines.


TIAC periodically hosts events at our Florence, Italy studio - ranging from cultural exchanges to more formal seminars and talks.

One recent notable event hosted by TIAC was Art World Forum 2017, with the theme of "Artists Take the Lead"

In association with TIAC, Art World Forum, an emerging global platform which aims to build valuable networks between art professionals and business leaders, presented ‘Artists Take the Lead’, a series of conferences to discuss current issues and lead positive change in the global artistic and cultural ecosystem aimed to inspire and encourage change within the artistic industry.

Read the blog article about Art World Forum "Artists Take the Lead" at TIAC in 2017

Exchange Student Services

One of the most important projects supported and hosted by TIAC is Turandot Art Studio, an educational program dedicated to the Chinese students coming to study in Italy through the Turandot and  the Marco Polo programs.

The aim of the studio is to expand the knowledge of the Chinese students through courses focused on the preparation required to pass the tests to access the Italian educational system such as language, art history, and portfolio preparation. 

We currently provide university preparation courses in Fine Arts, Design and we also assist in portfolio development.



Meet a few of the Turandot Teachers in recent blog interviews:

Mitchell Price

Crisitina Chiappinelli

Stefano Farinelli

Franco Spina

Artist Residencies

So far, TIAC has been delighted to host two of China's most prominent representational artists, Chen Danquin in 2017 and Xu Mangyao in 2018 


Chen Danqing 

TIAC Florence gave the studio space to the famous Chinese Artists Chen Danqing who produced an astonishing number of paintings during his residency in Italy from November to December 2017, allowing students and artists to visit him and observe his creative process. He also used TIAC’s studio to shoot an episode of his famous TV Show Ju Bu 2.

Read more about Chen Danqing


Xu Mangyao

TIAC Florence gave the studio space to the famous Chinese Artist Xu Mangyao who produced several paintings and held a lecture about “Realism in China” during his residency in Italy in April 2018, allowing students and artists to visit him and observe his creative process. 


TIAC is currently supporting the translation and publishing of several Art Books in Asia in order to give this audience the opportunity to know read more about European Living Masters. 

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