Flash Interview: Cristina Chiappinelli, Illustrator, TIAC Teacher

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Full name and profession

My name is Crisitina Chiappinelli, I'm an Illustrator and an Art Graphic specialized in prints and engravings. I'm also a teacher.

Where do you come from?

I was born in Cosenza, in the south of Italy. In 1994 I moved to Tuscany and I've lived in this Italian region since. Recently I've moved to San Rocco a Pilli, close to the city of Siena.

What did you study and where? 

After high school I enrolled at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence where I got a degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia Languages. I later got an "Ars in Fabula" Master degree in Editorial Illustration at The Fine Arts Academy of Macerata.

What moved you to get into the art world and to follow art studies?

I've always loved Art in all its shapes. Images have always fascinated me, I believe they have a cathartic power on the observer. I soon realized that Art and Illustration are the perfect means to express my emotions and feelings because they are the right channels through which I'm able to connect with the external world in a natural and genuine way.   

As a student, what was the most important lesson you learned? 

I remember with love and affection the linoleography and xilography lessons held by Professor Amadeo Lanci (1943 - 2011), who made me passionate about these techniques characterized by their almost primitive lines, from which images emerge powerfully thanks to the contrasts between fullness and emptiness described by the use of black and white.

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What do you teach at TIAC?

I teach Illustration and Art History. In the past I've taught Fashion, Scenography and Cinema History.

As an artist and teacher, what do you want to share with the students?

I often repeat to the students that every young artist who is starting to engage the path of art holds within himself a precious personal baggage full of excitement, artistic creativity and culture that allows him to see and interpret the world from his own and unique point of view. 

The Artistic community is always looking forward to meet with new perspectives of the world

According to you, where does inspiration come from?

In my field, inspirations comes mainly from books, especially from the classics ones like "Alice in wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, "The adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi, Jules Verne "Extraordinary Voyages", "Master and Margarita" by Michail A. Bulgakov and so on. Music and cinema are also great sources of inspiration. 

Which phase of art/ creation affects you most?

Every phase of creations has its charm and I enjoy all of them, from the materialization of the idea in my mind to the actual realization of the work of art. Every single step is important, especially during the creation of a lithograph inspired by a book.

Lithography is for sure the technique that I prefer, because the act of carving absorbs me completely and fulfills me like no other technique.    

Why did you choose your career?

After high-school I was very hesitant about the next step to take regarding my professional path. I had attended a classic studies - focussed school that provided me with knowledge about artistic and cultural heritage in Italy, which in a way narrowed the options to choose.  I decided to enroll the Fine Arts Academy of Florence in order to develop more my studies and to be able to transform my passion for drawing into something else. 

What is the importance of passing on artistic knowledge to new generations?

New generations are the future, it is a fact. They'll eventually be the keepers of the artistic knowledge and the preservers of the cultural heritage of the world. Art has walked hand in hand with The Man since the beginning of times until now. Not passing on Artistic Knowledge to the next generations means erasing human history and Man himself. In the future, the current "new generation" will have the task to pass on the knowledge to the next generation and so on...forever.

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In your opinion, what is the social function of Art?

Art is a great tool, it is like a gigantic iridescent map that reveals the world to us. Through Art we can express everything we are without limits, for better or worse. Technology and Multimedia Arts have empowered the Artistic Language and made it much more direct. Nothing will stop its cathartic and purifier power.

What does TIAC mean to you?

TIAC is an important International Cultural Association with headquarters and collaborators all over the world, which main aim is to educate and train high level young artists and creatives. TIAC is a fresh, youthful and welcoming artistic community that emanates amazing energy. It is a place where professional artists get the right recognition and have the chance to share their knowledge with young people. I'm very happy to be part of this reality!

What personal message would you like to leave us?

Thanks for all that you are and for what you do.

Keep it up!


Anna Rosa Paladino