Beyond Skills, a Master Workshop with Golucho

On March 2017, a group of Chinese artists officially started their journey to Spain to attend the Master Workshop organized by TIAC with the great Spanish painter Golucho whose work is considered to be part if the New Realism.

Yu Zhaobiao.jpg
The problem with realism is that everyone believes that they understand it, they think before a realistic picture that it’s aim is the mere representation of everyday life. On the other hand, abstraction makes the viewer become humble and say ‘I don’t understand it’ and in that way, by not discovering that picture, they’re closer to the testimony of that work, but when it comes to quickly ‘understanding’ the painting, there is realism. The conclusion is that the viewer stays on the surface of what is represented and this work can be left in mere appearance and in technical ability.
— Golucho

After visiting El Museo del Prado, the artists went the to La Casa del Pavo Art Studio, the "Peacock House", located in the center of modern Alcoy, famous for being both Fernando Cabrera Cantó and Joaquín Sorolla's studio during the 19th century and which in 2012 became a professional art college.

prado museum.jpg

Beyond Skills was the name given to the five-day course during which the Master challenged the artists with the exercise of abandoning innate ideas and explore new possibilities through the exchange of cultures. Golucho finds experimental painting very important; his way of moving and changing according to the needs of creation break the rules of traditional techniques.

The best part of a painting is what has not been painted
— Golucho

After the course and as a closure to the experience with Master Golucho, TIAC organized an exhibition in Alcoy's City Hall where the paintings produced by the Chinese artists during the workshop were displayed along with Golucho's. The exhibition attracted wide attention from all over Spain and it's popularity was unexpected.

Although Spain and China are miles away from each other and have different cultures, through the arts they are all interlinked. Master workshops are organized not only to create the right ground for artistic education and exchange, but also to prove that communications goes beyond languages and creation Beyond Skills.

Anna Rosa Paladino