SynArts: a platform for artists by TIAC

Early Access


TIAC is in the process of completing a powerful new online application for artists.  Early access to what has been done so far is available via:

SynArts has been built to make it possible for artists, arts educators and those who run arts events and opportunities to cross language and other barriers.  An important part of this is that contents can be translated between any number of languages. This will allow, for example, an English speaker from the US access information from Spanish speaking workshop teachers, or Italian organisation can find information or opportunities to participate in art events/conferences in China.

We want to bring the arts communities of the world together - allowing mutual inspiration, and the flourishing of the sense of shared humanity, expressed through the universal languages of art.  

SynArts is a part of the TIAC mission to help human goodwill and understanding flourish across barriers of language, culture and nationality.



Click here for video hosted on iQIYI

There are many more features partially completed and planned - this project is a huge undertaking, but one that we truly believe will benefit the world.  TIAC is building this as a free service for artists, and we would love your involvement and feedback about what features you would like to see in there.

We encourage you to take advantage of our database of opportunities for artists (currently being translated to Chinese) as well as the other features, and to set up your profile and galleries before the official launch.