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turandot art studio

Turandot Art Studio is an educational program dedicated to the Chinese students coming to study in Italy through the Turandot and the Marco Polo programs. It’s aim is to expand the knowledge of the Chinese students through courses, preparing them for higher studies.

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TIAc Academy

TIAC Academy is a fine-arts school with branches in Florence and Beijing, created to provide the optimum educational environment for representational sculpture and painting; so that talented individuals may realise their highest potential in conceiving meaningful artwork.



The European Art and Conservation Research Association supports activities that as an objective preserve historical artistic heritage and protects the interests of its Art Conservator members. It is a fundamental source for other institutions collaborating with international art conservators.



Our mission is to champion, develop and invest in art education programs that enrich and create artistic careers and educational opportunities. To empower art students with fine art craftsmanship, while also providing the best mentorships for guiding students to create meaningful art pieces for modern societies and themselves.  We aim to connect artists/art students with the art world/industry, helping them to develop their professional art careers - particularly where barriers of language, culture or other challenges exist.


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